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Introduction to wattpad and more information.


Hey everyone,

This is something I normally don’t share. I am one of the so many people who use Wattpad. My username is Roos117_  So if you like reading you can check me out there.

One of my personal stories I’m working on is called Loner Wolf. Link: https://www.wattpad.com/363185182-loner-wolf-chapter-1

Why this story is my favorite because it’s about a girl growing up becoming an independent woman with her journey. It is a fantasy story since there is nothing wrong with being creative. At this moment the first 11 chapters are uploaded. But I almost got the whole story written down. So if you like reading. You can check Wattpad out. Some of the newest authors are born there. Also, the books are free. Which is such a big extra.

I will share on a different blog on of my personal favorite books from there.

Enjoy the rest of your day. Be yourself and stay awesome.

-CreatePositive Vibes